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I can Help you expand your business


Merge with or acquire other businesses


assist with short or long term management


Renegotiate or get better debt facilities


help you to develop new markets


Get the right debt/equity in place


Help with corporate negotiations


provide Help with solvency issues


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Optimize Your Business Goals and Objectives

Just like an individual, an athlete or a sports team, all businesses go through a number of stages in reaching their full potential.  While this journey starts with the drive to succeed, it takes much more than that to be above the average.

It is no coincidence that all those individuals, teams or businesses that do climb to great heights have outside help in doing so.  Having a coach, and/or having fresh but experienced eyes pinpointing strengths and weaknesses can be instrumental in moving your business forward.

I can help you achieve this by optimizing your goals and working with your team and advisers to devise the strategies to achieve them.

Charge Forward

Business Roadmaps Built Exactly To Your Needs

I have proven time and time again that a well-constructed business plan or information memorandum is instrumental in taking a business to the next level.  It is particularly important for:

  • Obtaining Finance to grow your business
  • Gaining stake holders support with changes
  • Keeping the business focused & moving forward

You would not be happy if you found that the pilot of the international flight you were on had not filed a flight plan or ensured that the plane had enough fuel for the journey.

You are the pilot of your business your investors, financiers and customers are your passengers.

Having their confidence is absolutely essential

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Business Consulting

Mergers & Acquisitions

Sourcing debt facilities & finance

Restructuring loans & Finances

Insolvency Management & Solutions

International negotiations

Corporate negotiations

Property development IM’s & proposals

Business Structuring and Management

Protective Company Structures

Financial Modeling & Forecasts

General Management


What Could I Do For You

My experience comes from 45 years of various tasks and jobs that have given me experience in many different industries.   This exposure helped me develop a broad range of business skills including a good understanding of sales and the accounting principles that make a business succeed.  I understand what is needed for a business to expand and move forward especially with the need for future finance and/or capital.

Getting back on track

I understands how to unravel the complexities that cause financial stress and help you get your business back on track.

Raising Debt & Equity

This is a task that requires a deep understanding of what financiers & investors want.
My experience here can get the funding you want.


I have successfully helped many companies to work through an insolvency or even avoid it completely.

Constructive Solutions

Through the diversity of my experience I am able to think outside the box  and find constructive solutions

From Our Founder

Making Your Own Opportunities

If we are to succeed in anything in our life we must apply ourselves.

How does an Olympic athlete win a gold medal?  They train hard to be better and better. The same applies to business.  To succeed you need to work a little harder and a little smarter than your competitors.

If you want more sales focusing on creating a bigger market is often more successful than trying to extract more from your current market.  If this is your goal, we can work together to expand on whatever it is you need to do to achieve this.


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